How to Find and Fix Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the early signs of roof damage or decay that will become worse if disregarded. If the water stains run down walls or extend across ceilings, you’re probably having a roof leak. If you don’t do something about it right away, you compromise the health of your roof.  

Fix Roof Leaks

You can track down the leak even though it’s not easy to do. In such a short span of time, the leak will lead to big problems like rotted framing, damaged ceilings and destroyed insulation. An expensive repair will cost you. You can contact Hackensack roofing contractor or do the tracking and repair yourself.  

Tips for Finding Leaks 

If you can’t locate the leak yourself, you can ask the help of an assistant. Go up on the roof with a hose. Soak the area with water; start with where the leak appears in the house. Isolate areas when you’re running the hose. For example, if you soak the chimney, soak the downhill side first, then each side and on top of both sides.  

The assistant should stay inside the house until the drip appears. Run the hose for a while in one area then move a little farther. The assistant will then yell if a drip becomes visible. You’re now probably on the area of the leak. Finding the location of the leak will take you an hour so you have to be patient. If the exact spot isn’t revealed, remove the shingles in the suspected area. After you remove it, inspect and look for evidences of the leak and then start tracking it. You will then see a rotten wood or discolored felt paper below and around it.  

Fix Plumbing Vent Boots 

The plumbing vent boots can be plastic and metal, all plastic or two-piece metal units. Check the metal bases for broken seams and plastic bases for cracks. Examine the rubber boot that surrounds the pipe. It if allows the water to go through the house along the pipe or torn and rotted away, you should buy a new vent boot.  

If the nails are pulled free or missing but the boot is still in a good shape, replace with rubber-washered screws used for metal roofing systems. You can buy them at home centers.  

Fix Roof Vent 

Do some check-ups on broken seams on metal ones and cracked housings on plastic roof vents. There will be no need of fixing it, but replacing the damaged vents. You can also check if the nails at the base’s bottom edge are pulled out or missing.  

Fix Walls and Dormers 

The water doesn’t always penetrate through shingled surface. Dormer walls provide spots where the water can come in and enter the roof. Wind-driven rain comes in above the roof, on sidings, windows and boards. The caulk can be cracked, old and missing between the window edges and corner boards. Replace any rotted, cracked or missing siding and make sure that the new piece will overlap the step flashing.