Ideas in Making the Door Hang

It would be a bit tricky to think that people can actually consider hanging a door as an easy job to do. Probably, for others, it would be a big yes. But if you are going to think it a bit deeper, you would see that one simple and a little mistake could ruin and unable to make things correctly according to what you are expecting. There would be a huge tendency that it would have a not so close gap to each other when you are trying to fill them up and the worst scenario here is that it won’t have the chance to provide a good latch.

This usually happens to the main door, bedroom’s door and even to the garage door repair. Being observant and keen to the details would help you to get a better result when it comes to doing this thing. Here are some useful ideas that can help you when it comes to doing the process of hanging a door and to get away from those chances that you are going to meet the problems about this matter.

1. The very first thing that you have to do in making this one possible is to measure correctly the frame and the opening of it. You may use a measuring tape or a long ruler to get the precise measurement of the width of the door and the exact height of it. Don’t forget to get a pen and a paper to write them down as you would need them once you cut and prepare for other things.

2. At the same time, don’t forget to know the measurement of the level of the door frame to the floor and all the things that must be included there like the opposite of the jamb and the level.

3. After getting all the information you need. You are now ready to hit the hardware and look for the ideal door that you would like. If you are not so sure of the things here, you can ask the salesperson about it as they knew so much about this kind of process and the sizes. Don’t hesitate to ask them as they are the one who has enough knowledge for this one.

4. After going back home. Try to check if it fits or not. If this one doesn’t suit the measurement of the frame then you need to trim a little. You can either use a saw or if there is just a bit to remove, then you can do the process of sanding.

5. Try again, if this time the door fits to frame of the door.

6. You are now ready to put the hinge part of the door to be connected to the side frame.

7. Use a chisel to get some of the parts where you are going to put and place the hinge. You can use a pencil to mark it.

8. You are not ready to put the screw to the hinge to the door and to the frame.