Should You Rent a Shuttle Bus or a Party Bus? 

If you have a group outing coming up and you need transportation that can fit all of you together, you can opt to rent a regular shuttle bus or you can take the adventure to the next level by renting a party bus. Each of these vehicles has their own advantage and disadvantages and it’s very important that you weigh all of them well in order to arrive at the best option.  
Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses and party buses come in different types, sizes, and capacities. Some of them can accommodate 12 to 14 passengers at a time but there are also bigger ones that can carry as many as 50 passengers. It’s really just a matter of checking out the features of each ride and determine if you’re willing to pay for them. The differences between a shuttle bus and a party bus are as follows: 

  1. Interior Appointments 

Shuttle buses are nothing but passenger vans that provide a no-frills transportation option. Party buses, on the other hand, have all the perks that you want to make traveling more exciting and less boring. Inside a party bus, there are audio video systems that would entertain you, not to mention a wet bar where you can concoct different drinks. 

  1. Comfort Level

When a shuttle bus is filled to its capacity, the comfort level is drastically reduced. You can’t say the same with party buses because these vehicles are built to accommodate the number of passengers advertised plus a little extra space so they can mingle with each other and enjoy the music, laser lights, and drinks together.  

  1. The Luxury Element 

When a shuttle bus stops in front of a building, nobody really pays attention. But if it’s a party bus that is stopping at a known district, everybody stops to take a look. They’re interested to see who goes down the party bus. They’re peering at each passenger like they’re expecting some celebrity to come out and wave at them. That’s the distinction that you’ll enjoy if you rent a party bus instead of a shuttle.  

  1. Price 

Mainly because of the many advantages that party buses have, one of the downsides, and perhaps its only downside, of renting such a vehicle is the price. Clearly, you’ll be paying for all the comfort and luxury that come with renting the vehicle. Expect that it’s going to cost you several times more than a shuttle bus. But if you consider all the things that you’ll get, the investment should be all worth it.  

  1. Absolute Fun on the Road 

If it’s going to be quite a long journey, you definitely don’t want to spend all those time sleeping. A party bus can get the fun started as soon as the wheels get rolling. Start by playing some funky music to get people on the dance floor. Then serve some drinks to clear the air. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you are all partying even before you arrive at your destination. It’s really more fun to get party bus rentals so don’t even consider shuttle buses anymore. 

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